Rand Paul rapped by RNC chairman Michael Steele

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  1. WASHINGTON - Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul got slapped down yesterday over his remarks on civil rights - by his own party's leaders.

    "I believe ... his philosophy is misplaced in these times," Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, told "Fox News Sunday."

    "I don't think it's where the country is right now," Steele said.

    After handily winning last week's GOP Senate primary in the Bluegrass State, Paul in an interview questioned the wisdom of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, which barred businesses like restaurants from banning blacks.

    The candidate said he did "not like the idea" of telling private business what it should or should not do. The Tea Party favorite later insisted he supports the anti-discrimination law, but he backed out of an interview on NBC's Sunday program "Meet the Press."

    Paul then accused the Obama administration of being "un-American" in its criticism of oil giant BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    Steele, who is African-American, said Paul's "philosophy got in the way of reality" and told ABC's "This Week" he was "not comfortable" with the comments.

    But ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a GOP favorite in the 2012 presidential race, said Paul is the innocent victim of journalists with "an agenda."

    "You know, they're looking for that 'gotcha' moment, and that's what it evidently appears to be that they did with Rand Paul," Palin said.

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    LIBERAL MORONS are OBSESSED with Rand Paul, just like they were OBSESSED with Sarah Palin.

    LIBERAL MORONS have focused on Rand Paul since he won the primary election. Most of the reporting on Rand Paul has come from left-of-center media. ALL of the threads here on ET about Rand Paul have been started by LIBERAL MORONS.

    BTW, LIBERAL MORONS have started hundreds of threads here on ET about Sarah Palin. It seems that LIBERAL MORONS have shifted their obsession from Palin to Paul. Is the LIBERAL MORON obsessed focus on Rand Paul temporary or permanent? Only time will tell.
  3. What does it mean when someone is "rapped"? Did they get word-blasted by 50 Cent?