Rand Paul on racism in business...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, May 20, 2010.

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  2. Dude won't answer a direct question...

    No doubt he is a politician.
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    Or an accomplished ET TrollZz...
  4. This should help to drag his father down, at least a bit. Probably would have stood on the steps with George Wallace and prevented that little black girl from entering her elementary school along with all the other zombies.
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    LOL. Spot on.
  6. Maddow: Mr Paul would you like a piece of blueberry or apple pie.
    Paul: Well Rachael you're trying to put me in a corner with your hypothetical choice of fruit. I have nothing against blueberries and have actually eaten them before. And I think apples are a beautiful fruit, I've always been a supporter of apples.
    Maddow: I understand Mr Paul, but would you like blueberry or apple pie for desert.
    Paul: Well if you are going to ask me what I want for desert, then you also have to answer the question is a Ford better than a Chevy, you can't ask an arcane question about what pie I want for desert and expect a straight answer when you can't even tell me which auto maker is the best and this isn't even taking into consideration Chrysler.
    Maddow: Please Mr. Paul, one more time which pie do you want for desert... listen you can have both if you'd like.
    Paul: Rachael do you know when Boston first served pumpkin pies???
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    There's a current senator that participated in a filibuster of the 1964 civil rights act and addressed the senate for 14 hours and 13 minutes, hoping to stop the bill.

    His name?

    Sen. Robert Byrd (D)

  8. Ha, more moves than Barry Sanders.
  9. The man is simply saying that government shouldn't tell private business owners how to run their businesses. This has nothing to do with racism. Black people should also be able to create their own businesses and be able to serve and do business with whomever they please as well. Equal rights. As the man said, it not something he agrees with and a probably a poor business decision. Nonetheless, it's beyond the appropriate scope of government.
  10. He was asked if a resturant owner should have the right to not serve black people. He never answered the question.
    #10     May 20, 2010