Rand Paul Decides He Doesn't Want To Be President After All

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  1. After tantalizing us last week with his electrifing filibuster, Rand Paul has reverted to the family trait of being unable to resist grabbing various political third rails.

    In Paul's case, it was a curious one, amnesty for illegal immigrants. This was an issue that could have separated him from the Rubios and Jeb Bushes of the party. Instead, he signed on to their "turn the country into California" campaign.

    What's next? Support for gay marriage?

    I understand that he has tried to make it conditional on border security, etc, but everyone knows that is just a John McCain-style diversion. Obama is never going to make the border secure, and the lure of amnesty will produce a tidal wave of illegal immigration, just as it did when Reagan tried it.

  2. Agree 11 million percent, or however many illegals we actually have in this country. My support goes to the guy with enough guts to advocate the repeal of the bastardized 14th ammendment. Mandatory E-verify all new employees. Mandatory fines and jail time for employers who hire illegals. No free heathcare for illegals. No free education for illegals. No nothing, but a kick in the ass for illegals.
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    The only thing he proposed differently was to make the amnesty contingent on securing the border first. The others, like Rubio, propose doing both at the same time and we know how that works.

    Still, 11 million new democrap voters would probably be impossible to overcome. And we know who would get the credit for this from the Hispanics. It won't be Republicans. So, why go there?
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    THAT'S what I'm talking about!
  5. Why indeed? He isn't that dumb.

    One aspect of liberterian thought that hasn't gotten much attention is they are for open borders. They have this idiotic mantra that people should be as free to move as capital.

    Well, capital doesn't vote, form gangs or draw welfare.
  6. Your looking at the solution bassackwards.

    Fines and jail time for CONSUMERS of products and services provided by illegals. This is the only honest solution.

  7. tantalizing ???? electrifing ???? Seriously, you need to get out of the house more.