Rancher On Trial After Stopping Illegals On His Property

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  2. Funny how all illegal entries went sky high during the Republican 8 years in power. People forget Jeb Bush's wifes father was a illegal immigrant, so bush was looking out for family. Not that I approve of Obama either. Bush and Obama are opposite sides of the same ugly coin. The only difference is each side has it's own group of brain washed idiots supporting every move blindly.
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  3. This has less to do with liberalism and more to do with the globalist agenda. Creating a world without borders is a major step in the formation of a 2-class system.

    As a result, the greater efficiencies will only benefit the globalist assholes who are grandfathered in.
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  4. Did I read that right, he has turned over 12,000 in 10 years??!?
    One person? How the heck does he find time to farm, for a start. Those are crazy figures.
    Have to wonder, if it wasn't a set-up of some sort. That's a lot of mexicans who would have heard of his efforts there.
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  5. Bush and McCain received bitter criticism from their own party over this. Didn't matter. They were taking their orders from business interests. Party insiders were also afraid of alienating the growing hsipanic vote.
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  6. I'm sure you're right. This "mexican american legal defense fund" is a far left immigrant "rights" group, no doubt supported by mexicans who profit from an open border. I would be shocked if they hadn't targeted this guy. As i said before, this is not the first case that has been filed against a rancher with the intent of getting his property over trumped up charges. Pretty simple really. Just get some illegals to say he abused them. get it in front of a liberal judge, who will let it go to a jury. The jury will be disposed to hate a white rancher and believe other mexicans, and it's not like they have a high regard for the law in the first place. Then issue some press releases and get CBS to do a story about how the poor mexicans finally got justice.
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  7. ==============================
    Interesting case;
    i dont have all the facts, but certain patterns are repeating here.

    As the article says, he had a deputy job with the local sheriff, both are being sued. Sounds about right,[12k in 10 years] usually the ranch owner or manager, manages, not branding the cows........AZ sheriff & ranch owner may win again.

    Sounds like a skunk lawyer trying to steal $32 million dollars;
    Fox & friends noted [suprise, suprise] the AZ ranch is worth $34 million. I hope the water faucet the rancher installed is not used agaist him [sounds like rancher was trying to be fair]] Dont know if those Mexicans are needed for carrot harvest, most Americans dont want that work.

    Skunk lawyers like the fact, many people do not like to fight a skunk.LOL:D However i saw a creation TV program;
    a night owl likes to rip skunks to pieces, then eat them, skunk scent & all.:D
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  8. ....First, kill all Lawyers...

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  9. why don't you let the law handle it? don't you have any faith in your system? :eek:
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    Have guns will travel if you need any help.
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