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  2. Same thing happened to me at first, after clicking on the quoted top "old" thread above.

    Now, no pop-up IE Network Password box appears.

    The click-throughs to the two web pages listed below the top one now show up as IE Error Pages...

    Googling the tradingscience.com website, however, does bring up the Password box.

    Dunno... some type of clever tagging mechanism set-up/spyware,
    or an over-reaching security function of RAMOUTAR's website that automatically
    or inadvertantly protects posts of his made outside of his site?
    Hmmm... would be interesting to know.

    BTW, in what ways are ET-Registered aliases/vendors empowered?...

    Or, has elitetrader.com been selectively vendor-hacked...
    ... it can't be... Baron lives in a jungle of the newest servers...
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    He had posted a link in his signature which was pulling in an image from his web site, but since that time, he put all of his web content behind a username/password setup. So everytime that image was being requested, the username/pw message was popping up. I deleted that image code, so the problem in now fixed.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    From what I remember reading, his posts were fairly informative.
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    Oops. I didn't realize that the post subject didn't get posted...

    The lead into what I wrote below was "What happened to Jai?"