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  1. Jared Lee Loughner is quite obviously nuts. Read some of his lunacy.

    And just in case some of my "right minded" friends are thinking I've gone totally soft since my move to the left...in my world, old Jared would be rigorously tortured for 3-4 days, just in case he had some useful intel about other would be assassins, then taken to the nearest garbage dump, shot, and left for the rats.
    Just didn't want ya'll thinking the world was about to spin off it's axis.
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    After reading some of those things he writes he almost seemed like he had Obsessive compulsive disorder, or schizophrenia and he was writing his obsessions down, some of the nutjobs who have OCD keep on repeating sentences and numbers and shit like that in their head forever until it drives them crazy.

    People with OCD, often keep repeating shit back and foreword in their head like that.

    Also after reading some of the stuff he is writing down, it almost reminds me of some of the english questions that you see on IQ tests where you compare one thing to another.....

    Like you know those questions where it will says

    "If all bats are cats, and all cats are hats, then all bats are hats."
    Dont know how to explain those questions, but i think they do it in order to try to see if you can put the string together. I am going to go do an IQ test, to try to find a better example of what i mean.
  3. Here's example of leftist hate:
    Sarah Palin doesn't talk like that. [​IMG]
  4. He's a classic paranoid schizophrenic. I find it amusing that people try to classify him as being either on the right or left politically. He's neither. He lives in another reality. His behavior is a manifestation of his paranoid delusions of "brain washing" and "mind control."

    I got first-hand experience with this when I was a sophomore in college. A guy in our dorm went off his meds, had a complete break from reality and became violent. Everyone on our floor ended up going for counseling with a psychiatrist who gave us a great explantion of what was going on. The shrink mentioned that late-teens or early-twenties is the most likley time for the major reality break and violent behavior.

    Loughner lives in his own world. Not ours. Trying to apply logic to his behavior is a useless endeavor. Anyone who thinks they can logically "figure him out" is as delusional as the shooter.

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    Agreed, but you do know the makeup of this forum... ? Everyone here is either left, right, drugist, or conspiracist, and all events must be interpreted in one of those four, and only those four, ways. Especially, and I cannot emphasize too much, especially if you are a "true believer" in your viewpoint, that is, you believe that everything would be ok if only those other guys weren't around. In this context, no one is interested in merely understanding this event in terms of psychology, there has to be some of the other guys' politics involved, there has to be.
  6. I understand your point. I'm not trying to change everyone's mind. I'm just hoping that... maybe... one or two will stop and think.

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    I agree as well, whether or not this guy is a righty or a lefty doesnt really matter given the fact that he was a full blown psychopath, i actually tuned into Rush Limbaugh even though i dont like the guy seeing what he would say and he said the exact same thing, and then whined about the left wing media trying to pin it on the right for the next 3 hours.

    The only thing which pisses me off about this whole thing is the left wing media instantly trying to make this guy out to be a rightie, and admittedly i have acted poorly trying to respond by saying that the guy is a lefty, but really it doesnt matter, a nut is a nut, and it doesnt matter whose side hes on.

    I wrote something about this, as it pertained to hitler the other day, and my thoughts are basically that people tend to judge these lunatics as "conservative" or "Liberal" first, when the first thing they should be trying to do is deem whether or not the guy is insane, and if it turns out that he is insane then his political affiliations dont really matter, because the guy was just a whacko.

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    I think it might matter what "side" he is on, if indeed it is a politically motivated act. And I don't support the immediate posts here that simply assumed it was an act from rightwing politics because a leftwinger was attacked.
  9. oh my god, his writings totally remind me of hersheys posts! haha.
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