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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jayford, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. mktman


    I thought with RDRAM, which I have, you couldnt mix speeds.
    Modules have to be the same.


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  2. mktman


    Should have said can I have 512 PC800 and 256 PC800 modules in the machine at the same time or do the modules have to be exactly the same?

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  3. chisel


    They don't have to be the same size, but they should be the same speed, which they are. Put the 512 stick in the 1st mobo slot.
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  4. what do you make of this?
    I noticed this today and Friday...I have between 7-10 widows open(charts,L2, positions) , if I have a chart window active, or L2 I will notice the quote lag. Anywhere between 10-60seconds. I see it because of comparing with Bloomberg TV, and also watching the time stamp update in Level2.
    But when I make the program window(if thats what its called) the active window, I immediately see the quotes update..the time stamps update etc.

    What's going on here?

    Thanks in Advance.

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  5. Excuse me for being a tech here, but hopefully you have looked into what your machine can and can't do. You don't just arbitrarily decide that you'd like to run a gig of DDRAM because you want to. Your machine must be able to handle it. Look to your documentation to find the maximum amount of RAM that your machine can handle. There it should also spec speed and the type you'll need.

    And no, you don't want to mix chip speeds. Sure it might be possible, but why guess about it. You do risk voiding first the warranty, but moreover the machine itself. Remember, user ignorance is not generally covered in most warranties. Especially if it could have been avoided by something as complex as "Reading the Manuals!"

    There are also different schools of thought as to which comes first - the larger or the smaller RAM chip. Personally, it really doesn't matter but as a uniformity I usually put the larger chip first in most of my installations. If they are the same, I still put the newer chip in the first slot so later when I am providing maintainence, I'll already know which chip is the newer of the two. Hope this helps a bit. :)
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  6. Canyonman,

    Thanks for replying to my original post. This, however, was posted two months ago and I've sorted everything out, and everything runs great. I never arbitrarily decided to run 1 gig, my documentation allowed for it. I actually run 768 and its plenty.

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  7. One


    RDRAM, e.g. the PC 800 someone referenced earlier, is used in pairs, for example two sticks of 256mg each or two sticks of 512 each. If there are 4slots, like in one of my machines, you have two pairs. If you are using a P4 based machine with RDRAM take this into consideration because you don't want to upgrade piecemeal. My understanding is you can mix and match speeds on most MBs, but the computer defaults to the slowest.
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  8. mktman


    Found out from Dell.
    With 2 RIMM slots you cannot have 512R RDRAM in one slot and 256 RDRAM in the second slot. Pairs have to match.

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