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  1. As was said in the movie Ghostbusters, "Don't cross the streams!" I have heard that someone somewhere accomplished this feat. But you really do not want to mix speeds. There is a great likelihood that the system may not recognize them. Or worse, it might damage them, the motherboard, or some other part. If not immediately, later at the worse possible moment! :)
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  2. RAM 512 was 29 bucks with rebate at COMPUSA Dec 02

    I saw a COMPUSA ad last sunday and they are back up to 50 Buckos with rebate, still isn't too bad.

    Still seems like anywhere else I checked it was 60, 70 buckos for a 512 Chip.

    Whats nice is I pop the 256 chip (that I took from mine) back in wifeykins computer and boosted hers up over 800 mhz, helped her to because she does stuff with photo restorations.

    But the extra RAM makes a difference, makes a heavy program boot like lightning, LOL.
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  3. chisel


    As long as your mobo supports both speeds, I'm pretty sure you can. But it will run at 2100.
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  4. nitro


    What make?

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  5. no doubt, the cheap kind. Generally speaking everyday prices, if you want a stick of 512MB DDR PC2100, it is gonna cost you around $99.00. PC2700> is obviously more.
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  6. cashonly

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    A deal:

    CRUCIAL MICRON 256MB 32x64 PC 2100 DDR RAM - OEM Offer Time Limit Will End Soon. 184-Pin, CL=2.5-Unbuffered 2.5V, 6-Layers CT3264Z265 Requires DDR supported Motherboard - Lifetime Warranty. OEM $44.00
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  7. OK cool...so two sticks of 256MB will cost you $88.00 This is a good deal. $12 less than 1 stick of 512MB as I mentioned previously. Just make sure that if your gonna run say 1GB, you have 4 slots to accompany. That is why I prefer two sticks of 512MB. This minor upgrade in itself of just stick size will have additional cost. So if you know for sure you have enough slots, 256MB sticks will save you some green.
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  8. The Ram Chip Make was

    PNY Technolodgies - 512 MB Ram PC133

    CompUSA was the retailer

    Mind you the price went up since Dec to 50 bucks including rebate.

    But the 29 bucks with rebate must have been a good deal, because the clone builder I deal with was on the phone to buy some after I told him about it.
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  9. Fellow Traders and computer experts,

    I'm running a system thats a few years old. Windows 98SE, Intel Pentium (around800mghz) , 128megs RAM. It's a Dell Dimension 4100 that I bought in 2000.

    Recently it seems that my trading platform has occasional quote lags. After speaking with the tech guy , he recommended a few things.
    1) up the RAM to 512
    2) upgrade to windows 2000
    3) up the processor

    My question is , what is the best way to achieve this? Add the parts, or just buy a new system?
    Also, how much will this really help? Which of the three steps will make the most improvement?

    Thanks in advance.

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  10. gnome


    The quote lags are likely not the fault of your PC. However:
    1. Your CPU is plenty good for a trading PC. I personally would not upgrade it.
    2. Changing OS will make the most improvement. DEFINITELY upgrade to Win2000 or XP Pro. And when you do, you'll save yourself likely aggravation if you do a fresh install with the full product, not the "upgrade". (I used W98 on my trader for 3 years and 1 year ago bought a new PC with Win2000. It's waaaaay more stable.) I think you can get an OEM version with SP3 on eBay for about $120.
    3. 512 RAM is a good amount for a trading environment. (Once you get your setup running, Win2000 has a Task Manager feature which will allow you to see how much of your available memory is used. If you really need more, you'll be able to see it.)
    Good luck.
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