Ralph Acampora Is A Bear!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Lorenzo, Jan 26, 2006.

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  2. Read the last part : ""If we are correct, this selloff will set the stage for a major market bottom--a classic four-year low," he says. "Then, I think, the market has a gangbuster move going into the latter part of 2006, all of 2007, and probably 2008."


    Better load up the cave with guns, gold and bottled water. These fortune tellers are entertaining.
  3. What's unbelievable about it? This is the mother of all tops. All the little pigges have to be rounded up and fenced before they can be slaughtered.

    1. Flat yield curve will be resolved.

    2. Change of the guard at the Fed. Can you say fall guy? But relax, John Snow counts the jobs "they" create each month and there is NO inflation.

    3. Earnings growth, en masse, has peaked.

    4. Oil shock is an extra tax on all earnings, and factored into the price of virtually all tangible products.

    5. Trade deficit. Can you say gloablization?

    6. Budget deficit In WWII he sold war bonds. Now, we just borrow it from the Chinese.

    7. The two preceding add to a growing $7.2 trillion national debt. So will the compounding of interest.

    8. Iranian bourse and petro dollars will put the final nail in the dollar's coffin

    9. Consumers are tapped out. Gee, after 3 decades of lobbying, the banks finally got bankruptcy reform THROUGH.

    10. Housing is just about done for a long time.

    2006 is highly reminicisient of 1966. Ralph shouldn't be worried, he should be preparing a list of short candidates
  4. im not so sure about top. the world is awash in liquidity. look at world markets. the us has been the weakest. it is due to catch up. the housing bubble has played out, now the money has to go elsewhere. i think commodities and equities in the us are next. buy every sizeable pullback. imho of course.
  5. Unfortunately he is often incorrect.

    There is a lot of cash on the sidelines waiting to go somewhere .... it is an open question as to where it will go however. I think we will know fairly soon as to whether this will wash into US markets or elsewhere ...
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    Japan and Europe, just look at your charts ...
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    Oops ...

    What happened to US GDP Q4/2005 ? Move your $$$ to Europe !