rally into the close?

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    looks like the beginning of the second push by the longs .... got to -75 the first time and then the shorts pushed back to -125. we're at -85 now and heading towards the green hopefully. definitely riding the back of financials ....

    not a chance the S&P ends in the red ...

  2. PPT started their shift after lunch, remember? :D
    This mini rally is for suckers. Who wants to hold into the weekend?
  3. why we're going higher:

    maybe credit fears overblown

    nov dec most bullish months of year for stocks

    rate cut cycle

    strong growth overseas

    cheap dollar good for exporters

    lame duck cycle
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    the only problem with the general argument of strong November/December is everyone will be looking to look in tax LOSSES towards the end of the year, so we could see increased selling .... we'll see though
  5. Here it comes...
  6. For every reason you can give for the market to edge higher I can give two maybe three the market will tank and break away lower. It sure does pay to be a stubborn moron in bull markets and buy, buy buy! At turning points into bear markets this attitude will surely leave you heartbroken when someone like me shorts you calls or stock. buy em!
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  8. exactly. what the hell is this kid talking about with nov and dec best months for the market? did he start trading in january or something?
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    And there it goes.
  10. Looks like too many were waiting for another squirt up into the closing bell. Real disappointing close for the bulls, especially NQ futures look like puke.
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