Rally-ho, its over imo

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    Triple A, good post. It's like driving 90mph along 495 near 95 on a Tuesday at 5:30pm with no traffic. We can't believe there's no traffic as we ride the gas and brake anticipating a jam. (I suppose you live in that area).

    The light volume rally into the long weekend with continuation this week blew my mind away. But if we want to get anyhwere, we need to keep it in drive with our foot on the pedal. Hopefully we won't need the emergency brake :)
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  2. Pretty good the day before a fat down day. Is it the top?

    Nice call so fr EqtTrdr!
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  3. ETRDR


    I'm really glad I trade the 5 min chart and not be concerned if we are going higher or lower. In either direction there are enough bounces to keep me happy!
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  4. got my fingers and toes crossed.....

    but with the amount of dip buyers in this market who knows anymore?

    Just posted charts because everything I looked at seemed to point to this "area" as some sort of turning point....

    Would be nice to finally get some sort of sizeable correction, whether you wanted to buy that correction or short the down move..... it still would be nice for a change...

    Have a great weekend all :)
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  5. "nice for a change" = I guess the last 2 years or tankage wasn`t enough to satisfy your blood lust! :D
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    As long as the market moves 0.1% I'm happy:)

    Good weekend to all
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