rally has run its course

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  2. Mvic


    So James Stock is Manolo afterall, LOL and he was so lied so starongly about how he wasn't Manolo just half a dozen other stupid aliases. Looks like Waggie saw right through the loser.

    My intent was to get the thread closed or moved before it started but the moderator took his time getting to it.

    I think that from now on when I have some time to waste and am in the mood to be an idiot I will come to ET and force the mod to move JS worthless threads to chit chat. Afterall it is not like you can get banned from ET is it? Seems like one can just pick up a dopzen aliases and all is well.
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  3. is it gordon ?
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  5. Mecro


    You just figured that out?

    He has like 5 aliases. He might as well start thread with convos among all of them. Maybe they'll get into an argument. Now THAT would be entertaining.
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  6. zdreg


    elite trader has been slipping for a long time.
    but now that we have someone from the limited vocabulary hahaha..... crowd from yahoo stock message board it cannot sink any lower.

    :D congratulations you are the first to make my ignore list.
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  7. What you expect:

    "Chat" is ET's bug light. :p
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  8. is it fasterpussycat?
    or gordon gekko?

    no im not james stock
    Im OTL
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  9. I applaud you with your tactics of getting this thread to the point of deterioration that it is moved down to Chit-Chat. I myself have done this on numerous occasions when James Crackhead has shown-up time after time with absurd posts that are of little value, aside from allowing him to do some "chest-thumping" and tell everyone that will listen how he is huger than huge. Quite frankly, most of us have stopped counting how many aliases he has, a long time ago. Riskarb went so far as meeting him in Chicago to compare trading records, ( not once, but twice in a 2-day period ) but of course our Little Boy Blue was a no-show. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that he doesn't even live in Chicago. Again, no credibility and a total waste of time.

    I for one, have enjoyed gaining a lot of useful info from the Software and Hardware Forums of ET when I first started trading from home. However, it appears that since Baron has no interest in cracking down on the James Stock-Romeo-Manolo-Anthony Trader- Jeffo- Chapabranca's of the world, I am afraid that ET will forever be relegated to just a "nudge" above Yahoo Message Board status.

    So many aliases, so much insecurity, so much bi-polar disorder that Mommy cannot do anything more than just let James toil on the Internet for hours at a time . . . For some reason, Yahoo Message Board status is the mediocrity that Baron seeks.
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  10. James Stock
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    04-02-04 11:56 AM

    Quote from James Stock:

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a 3pm sell-off to get the ball rolling.

    Note: I'm making this assertion just like I did last time: AHEAD of time, with the S&P at a high. Now its 1143.

    good call James! I want to thank all of the Et people who publicly congratulated me on this thread. You are men of integrity.


    This loozer has to congratulate himself?

    No doubt he spends lots of his time in self gratification.....

    What a wanker!

    James "Stock" Trader at work
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