rally has run its course

Discussion in 'Politics' started by James Stock, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. anyone else on ET want to go out on a limb and agree or disagree with me about my 3pm sell-off? This is an anonymous board, so don't be shy!
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  2. Looks like you are once again making a bunch of "new" friends on ET . . .

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  3. you're always yawning, a sure sign of increasing lithium usage.

    if you want a friend, buy a dog, or continue sucking up to riskarb.
    If you want to make real, green money, follow my tops!
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  4. for a market that's firmly higher at this monent 2:20pm ET, the advance/decline stats look very mixed..
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  5. good call James! I want to thank all of the Et people who publicly congratulated me on this thread. You are men of integrity.
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  6. I already know waggle's response, which is very similar to the iraqi information ministers responses:

    "JS did not make this call. He did not call for the market to go lower from 1143."
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  7. James,

    I don`t know you. I have never followed your calls. You may be the best "bring your finest meats and cheeses" for all I know.
    So I ask you this. If your calls are so freaking great why do you care about naysayers? Why even post so "the maggots" can flame? Trade and accumulate wealth!
    There will come a time in your life when all that matters is that your happy and healthy...then your mind will be free to trade those ideas without the disruptive static of trying to impress.

    good luck and stress free trading to you
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  8. Mecro


    LOL, wow he stoops low enough to change the nick on the PM.

    James are you savoring that as your only argument. It's a PM 3 months old before I knew what a retard you were.

    Whatever, you're boring me already. Go start a convo between all your aliases.
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  9. James Stock
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    04-02-04 07:56 PM

    Jimmie Jimmie baby, you are talking to yourself again? Please come home.
    It's 3:30. Your call on 3pm sell-off sucked, again. Leave the good ET people alone.
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  10. Not so fast mom! NQ still might fall all the way to R3 :p
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