rally has legs??

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  1. So here's my question, a lot of people are still super negative on this market and look at today's rally as temporary. It may or may not be but do you think that with all this negative sentiment and with everybody shorting this rally, if the market has some legs, it could propel a lot higher due to the shorts being wrong? Thoughts?
  2. If it has legs there will be plenty of time to go long and catch 80% of the move to the upside once we see price behavior on a retracement. No need to panic and go all in long just because we're up a little.
  3. chicken legs.
  4. This market will go much higher in the short term. The fed didnt even have to cut rates today and the market is surging. When he does cut by 75 points this week the market will add another 3% or so.
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    This rally has about as much legs as a paraplegic....Down this bitch goes.
  6. rally gave me another opportunity to short spooz!
  7. The fed is gonna crush the shorts
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    Might see some buying into the close but the trend is lower...11500 will come shortly.
  9. whoa...that was one power rally with heavy volume...any thoughts on where we go from here?
  10. We are going to test the 1380 area again, and if we make it past that 1420.
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