Rally from Hell coming

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  1. Upper trendline from the 2-year S&P ascending wedge about to be broken

    NDX wedge penetrated already
  2. broken

    oil>$64, gold $540 euro around $1.22 all bullish we're going to the moon baby
  3. NEW HIGHS.....and newer highs...
  4. Da Boyz have less than hour and a half to pump the Dow 50 pts above 11000 so fund managers and joe six pack can read about it on Barrons this weekend, along with the ascending wedge broken.

    But I don't think. They seem maxed out right now. Guess they'll have to wait for next week's "liquidity injection"
  5. Still got time left to make a run at $INDU 11,000
  6. are markets even correlated anymore?
  7. ESH6 above 1300

    nothing like oil up to prop equities up

    Thank you Greenie!!!!
  8. and people laughed when I said 100% up room to go...

    no risk...

    NO FEAR$$$
  9. monee


    Oil and SPX ripping together ?

    I left a disgusting amount of money on the table today.

    Todays intraday SPX sort of looks like yesterday.

    Maybe it is time to put the kiss of death in the mkt and say after entry just come back at 4:00 to close the position?
  10. thats okay...

    I heard the Nasdaq is not going to close red the entire year!!

    every day is St Patty's day $$$$

    all aboard$$$
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