rally begins tomorrow...

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  1. think we begin a decent move higher tomorrow in NDX. Just a feeling. No particular reason, just think it's time to move higher.


  2. Ya think Prez Bush will get wall street all juiced up tonight, wall street will go to bed with private accounts swimming in their head. And tomorrow you will see what a wonderful world it could be.
  3. More likely we get more weak economic numbers and the markets flail about until the weekend mercifully puts them out of this week's misery...
  4. ============

    Think one could logicaly make a dow theory case for QQQQ going higher eventually;
    dont know about using dow theory for '' tomorrrow'' Maybe .

    However since dow theory requires ''many months'' for a main trend change;
    medium trend and lots of other trends favor the polar bears in QQQQ and tek related.:cool:

    Frankly if gov is wise;
    and privatize,
    social security,
    that may help SPY, may or may not help QQQQ/tek related.
  5. rally begins tomorrow...
    Which one? The one UP or the one DOWN?
    I'll do with either one, as long as it really rallies.
  6. well "tomorrow" isn't over yet...!!!

    But frankly I have cashed out a large portion of my accounts, and plan on going to all cash. Let the maggot hedge funds beat each other up. I can't make sense out of this market when it goes up or down, lately.

    This will likely be a great summer as I plan on not spending valuable time in these absurd markets like I've wasted over the past 12 years or more! :p Gonna grab my guitar, drive out to a National Park singing Sweet Home Alabama or a good Eagles tune, etc.

    Frankly I almost did better playing poker this last month than playing the options markets !

    Those who can make sense out of this, I tip my hat to them/you.

    In hindsight........ everything makes sense to the monday-morning-quarterback geniuses who claim to have the market figured out.

    A-holes at KLAC can't even project their own fricking g-damn business for THREE f-ing mnths without repeatedly getting it wrong, and f-ing traders/investors! Of course the ANALysts don't know squat about anything yet make more than most people for what is essentially incompetence.

  7. It is frustrating right now.
  8. yes it seems to be...

  9. month is mercifully over! :eek:

  10. :) funny funny ...sounds familiar , that's how you can be dead right on direction and still lose! it almost feels better to lose and be dead wrong than lose and be dead right . Yes it's hard to make sense of this market pretty much in all time frames but especially intraday, anything goes. I made a small trade in YM, long just before 3 pm on retracement within 20 sec I was stopped out. Market went straight down, same happened earlier in the week . Got whipsawed in the euro aswell during GDP report.
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