Raising the bar for "accredited investor"

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  1. Michael Tannenbaum, a lawyer with Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse and Hirschtritt, said he expects commissioners to raise the net-worth standard for investing in hedge funds to between $1.5 million and $2 million, vs. $1 million today.

    Regulators also could tighten rules by increasing the minimum annual income of investors from its current threshold of $200,000.

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    the agency's five commissioners also will decide on proposing a new rule that would prohibit advisers from making false or misleading statements to investors in pooled investment vehicles they manage

    *scratches head* Maybe i'm just tired because it's 1:10am, but I wasn't aware we were allowed to make false/misleading statements currently :confused:

    In that case, investor your monies with me - I average a 546% return, compounded, net of fees! HONEST! :D