Raising Money for Systematic Trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lisbon, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. lisbon


    Hi. I have a mechnical system that's been proven in both testing and real trading over an extended period of time (1 year) and has provided superior performance. I'd like to raise some money to trade it from non-US residents because I'm based outside of US and I don't want to register with NFA and so on. I'm not looking for big investments.. Something around $1M total or $2M total would get me started. WHat would you suggest would be the best way to go about this?
  2. CONR


    Send out an "invitation" and tell people they are one of the lucky few to invest. I hope I'm invited.:D

    Find a different site to solicit
  3. I second that emotion.

    "lisbon" spelled backwards is "scam artist"

    not later,

  4. Cheese


    Absolutely no problem.
    Why all you have to do is post on Elite Trader for the first time for some elite traders to immediately cough up $1-2million to feed into your dummy system.
    When, if ever, you have a superior system, be a good boy and make your own fortune on it first.
  5. Post your results along with a certified audit on those number and they will come running if it look good.
  6. nitro


    I have 1 million $US. I want to send you the money right away.

    Can you tell me how to go about it? Where do I mail it, i.e., the address? What name do I put on the certified check? Let me know ASAP I can't wait to send you the money.

  7. LOL, exactly, and when it stops working (read the first trade) then try to sell-it/your-services, like the typical parasitic scam-artists we get here. Nothing personal of course.

    Oh wait... I said stops working.. must be that time then :D
  8. lisbon


    Wow. Did I ask for YOUR money? No I didn't. I asked a question about raising money. ET are a bunch of fucking losers. Bye.
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    here is what i did.
    i established a company outside of us (im also trading from outside).
    i made a half decent website with general info about my experience and my fellow traders experience.
    posting ideas, strategy and guidelines for managing.
    added some contact info.
    it works.

    you can try, you can fail or you can succeed, time will show, anyway you will be one experience richer.

    best of luck
  10. Sorry lisbon, that's ET for you........ you ask a valid question, post it in the appropriate forum, ask sincerely and politely and yet, look at all the vitrol thrown your way.

    Move on and don't let it bother you.

    My suggestion (and there is nothing super insightful, here), it is just what I am doing. Set up an investment vehicle or a managed account, keep documented details of your trading statements, etc, list the fund/managed account with all the listing databases/websites, develop a website and if the performance is good, people will find you. Finally, a few cold calls won't hurt.

    Now the above assumes you have some funds, since you say you have tested it in real-time traidng. If your currrent asset base is too small, but sufficient for you to trade, then keep trading it (no matter how small, as long as you can implement you risk managemnt) and the big money will find you!

    I wish you the best!
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