Raising capital to start a hedge fund

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  1. I was reading a book by Jack Swagner and was wonder how do people who don't have friends or family with lots of money start a hedge fund?

    How do you find clients or get funds to invest in your fund? Obvioiusly you could trade your own account but it'll take much longer.
  2. I read an article by one of Australia's most successful hedge fund managers recently and he said the hardest thing about his job was finding people who were experts in a particular area of investment and who had a proven consistant track record. He made the point that his fund couldn't expand without these people which was the problem he now faced.

    So I don't think it matters if you don't know anyone. If you can prove that you are consistantly successful, someone will take a chance of you.

    I suspect however that many people who like the idea of being a hedge fund manager don't in fact have a consistantly successful record.

  3. Agree, and the exact reason why i blog my trading.
    So I have a track record that can be easily verified.
  4. Blog :confused:

    You need audited accounts to be taken seriously.
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    You need to network, and build up a track record with your own money that can be audited. Consider applying for jobs at funds/hedge funds too. That is a time honoured way to get experience. Many fund managers did time first at other firms before striking out alone.
  6. OK.
    Thanks for your response.

    I guess that is my next step then.

    How much does this cost?
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    No offense and with all due respect, if you have to ask this question, it would be hard for me to believe that you would have a record that would be worthy of serious consideration.

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    Translation: Joe has no idea himself.
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    The concept is, if you have a record that is worthy, then you should have already proven that you can make serious money greater than the averages at which point you don't necessarily need to start a hedge fund.

    However, if the above is true and you want to step up to making very serious money via a hedge fund, then the cost of an audit should not be a deterrent unless you not confident about your record.

    This post is not meant to take a stab. I have seen too many posts where someone wants to start a hedge fund with a record of a 2 month paper profit and various other unacceptable records worthy of consideration. Just trying to put it in perspective.

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    I agree with Joe.
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