Raising Capital Hedge fund or Old School partnership

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  1. No bs answers.. haha funny, now please be serious.

    but if it's a good ass joke.. lol hell yeah tell it.

    How do hedge funds raise capital and get investors.. besides perfomance.. My family and friends are not millionaires.. so how do i find the wealthy circles besides a persons alumni? Which is a good start.

    but theres some guys that can raise capital from anywhere.. where to find it.. what are resources, and what do i say? and is there any help?
  2. 1). Trade
    2). Establish track record
    3). Show track record to HF investors
  3. what other things would you look for? once you know that look for people like you. they normally travel in groups holding hands with a chaperon near by.

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    We work with traders in the same predicament as you. Initially, you need to trade your own account, preferably with a firm who can produce monthly tear sheets for you. A tear sheet is an audited 3rd party verification of your performance. This is one of the more important items needed in order to have capital allocated to you in the future after your fund/CTA is rolled out.

    If I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me via PM and I'll send my direct contact info.

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    I gave you a fair reply in the other thread you started basically on the same subject; You ignored it, and started basically a new thread; Was my reply a "bs answer"?

  7. Dont be offended brother, no worries.. Im posting this as a two part series, to get different ideas

    Your post was excellent, and very resourceful.

    I see what you mean by starting a new thread, but I wanted to make sure others know that Eventhough im focused on trading, I wanted to make the importance of raising capital.. because i have no ideas how to track investors or find investors and capital raising strategies.

    I apologize if i seemed rude or thought you were bullshitting, not at all man. quite the opposite
  8. unfortunately, I started out as a broker, and quickly realized it didn't matter how good you were, you needed a salesman. Showing a doctor or a lawyer your returns won't budge a dime. The guys that can sell don't have a clue how the market works, but they can sell. Nothing happens until somebody sells it. And usually, good traders are horrible salesmen. If they weren't, they would be salesmen, since that is the highest paid profession.

    A good salesman can move into a new town and within a month will be a member of everything from the health club to Kiwanis and probably be running the local food bank.
  9. Good point. so I wonder if i'd put an ad in the paper for a salesman. Where to find good salesman?

    Find the best car salesman at a national dealership?

    or find the salesman who making the most money?

  10. In those days , you used to have a Big Man. He was a real scumsucking dirtbag who smoked a cigar, and made sure everybody knew he was the big man.

    He had a stable of traders. Typically he would put them on with a 70 or 80k account and see how they did. The funny thing was some of the new traders would quit right there and then because they considered an 80k account an insult.

    And if you were a broker (salesman), you would go to the big man and he would set up a deal for you to sell a trader.

    It was really a horrible life. You got paid on the commissions, and you picked the trader who traded the most.
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