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  1. Would like to know if anyone has any tips or advice or knows anybody that could help me in this process. I have been trading for 6 years now and have been trading commodities for about a year and a half. Have had nice success and would like to start a small fund ($20,000-$50,000) trading physical commodities and options on them. I have a journal and it will show you what I have done so far.

    My question is how do I raise the money? Who do I talk to? Is there any other things I need to know about when starting this fund? Im not even going to mention my age but im sure you would be able to find out if you really tried. This is a serious post and I would appreciate only serious answers only not normal et putdown bs but constructive critisism is welcomed.

    Any help is appreciated
  2. Save yourself the headaches, and don't bother. Money is allocated only to "them". And when I say "them", I mean someone with a pedigree, like 18 year old CalTech PhD genius and ran desk at GS, etc. I see alot of new "turnkey" hedge fund solutions providers, but very few success stories. Look at Tim Sykes.

    I mean if you had $1MM to boot, would u invest in some guy who has 2 year record in his retail broker account or with someone with Soros pedigree?

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    Have you tried asking your family/extended family? If you're only looking to raise 20-50k maybe you start by putting together a monthly or quarterly newsletter showing them what an expert you really are. Once you capture their attention and earn their trust ask them if they'd like to be part of your fund.
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    Why do you only want 20k to 50k? Why not just go prop? If you have been trading for 6 years, surely you have some capital to put into this right?
  5. good question
  6. lol funny you should mention that because that would seem like the logical thing to do but im only 17 years old!
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    Well, we can safely say then you are not going to raise any money. However, when you are 18, you will be able to go prop. Why not wait just a few more months?
  8. Yeah I hear what you are saying but when you can trade well now why wait till you are 18? Shouldn't p/l speak for itself? But whatever it was just a thought that I had and wouldn't mind doing in the near future. Thanks guys.
  9. I agree start with family money.

    Starting at 11 is pretty young.

    I thought my bro had an edge over his classmates when he started at 15. But he's almost a veteran compared to yourself lol.
  10. just out of curiosity, maverick, if an under 18 year old had someone cosign the prop agreements--- could they trade prop?


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