Raising capital for any fund

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  1. I am more interested in capital raising, and how to do it and where to find the key institutional and high net investors

    and im interested in the strategies for future reference

    and please be serious.
  2. yeah, you're what we used to call a stockbroker
  3. what if youre asian, or black, or arab, or even native american?

    I am a Jewish Convert well almost
  4. Warren Buffett has friends and family. he came from a pretty well off family anyhow.. thats why he says hes of the lucky sperm club

    right now, yes im a goyam.

    I guess theres many ways to raise capital.. how does ray dalio do it?
    I hear fundraisers are good.. but how if you are a no name?
  5. gotta make it work

    if you're a salesman, you can raise capital

    just don't get hung up on performance

    hard to sell performance since only the good die young
  6. so i need to find a salesman?

    and join country clubs, and find out where the rich people hang out?

    You CANT JUST GO IN and say.. hey guys im starting a fund

    Youll be kicked out from here to timbuck too
    i gotta find where the rich people at? and go to the big cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin..

    and theres got to be directories of upscale social clubs and upscale events and

    maybe the haines directory?

    and how the Hell will i find a salesman?
  7. if you are good you won't need a salesman. If you are bad, you can split it with a sleazeball.
  8. An office on 5th ave between 60 and 50th street doesn't hurt. Every billionaire in the world walks or drives up this street at least once a year. Heck, I met a billionaire investor as he was getting out of his car once, Edited

    What do you offer that different than the 1000's of funds out there? Why do you deserve th money? This question is much more critical than performance, as everyone has that....

    I knew no one, I was a hick from Pittsburgh, got a gig interviewing hedge fund managers--- became friends with several--leveraged that--- that's how I got my foot in the door. Good luck, with passion anything is possible.
  9. Ridiculous.
  10. ok, I admit. you are right. Nothing happens until someone can sell it. It's just usually, the guys that can make it and the guys that can sell it are two different people.
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