Raising a family on poker

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    For some reason, the above link does not appear when I try to post it.
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    Do you mean that you bet your whole family when playing poker? I only ever raise my inlaws when playing poker...on any old rubbish hand.
  4. LOL!
    "My ex, my ex-ex, my ex-ex-ex"
    "Why do you have so many exs?"
    "Well, I raised and lost so I had to marry again."
  5. I´ll raise my inlaws with a 2 7 {different color} anyday...
  6. Interesting clip I took from that link....

    If you make your living playing poker on the Internet, your only expenditures are a decent computer (or two or three)
  7. Calm down there poker-boy...

    We are not going back to that roller coaster lifestyle of your younger years.

    Electric, I do not care if you have an exploitable edge with two ISP's...

    Just Forget it...



    We are getting by now. We cook at home more and buy fewer things. We still like to tip on the big side. The budgeting that families on a regular paycheck learn has taken us a little longer, in some part because of our good fortune. Our cushion is back in place, with iron bars, concertina wire, and an electric fence around it. We check in about our money situation every day. It's not always comfortable, but it's better than ignorance. During that awful time I might have questioned Cero's sanity, but I certainly questioned my own. How could I have been so blissfully spending money, never balancing a checkbook? Money had become unreal not just to the poker player, but also to the poker player's wife. Once again Cero has won a seat in this year's World Series of Poker, currently under way in Las Vegas. This may be the year I get to say, "Look, Dario. Daddy's playing poker on TV."