Raising a child worst investment of all time?

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  1. The Million-Dollar Kid

    Government figures put the total cost of raising a child at $279,000, but some increasingly common expenses can send the number soaring over $1 million. Where you fall on the kid-spending spectrum.

    March 3, 2007; Page P1

    The government says families in the top-third income bracket will spend $279,450 to raise a child born in 2005 through age 17 -- or about $16,000 a year. The government clearly hasn't been to some kids' birthday parties lately.

  2. Clearly you're childless.
  3. You cannot call raising a child a monetary 'investment'. Of course you are losing money each and every day raising a kid(s)!!

    The term 'investment' is so casually thown around, I think most people do not even know what an actual investment is.
  4. Yes, and, given the manner in which he obviously views children, in the same manner as he would pork futures, let us hope he remains so.

    Edit: If we're wrong about you, a5whatever, please let us know. Perhaps this is all one big misunderstanding and you're the most loving parent in the country...
  5. Pekelo


    Sure you can look at having children as investment.

    You invest in them for 18-25 years, and hopefully you will get back something in the last 10-15-20 years of your life.

    Hopefully, although today's spoiled generation most likely won't give a shit about us....
  6. As an expecting father , I'd pay a million bucks. But based on the amount of stuff I unloaded from our first baby shower today, I'd say the $ amt it costs as a whole may be high, but when you have two big families buying so much of the stuff, the cost to the parents an be lessoned. Substantially! I'll never have to spend a dime on clothes for this kid. LOL. He's got more clothes than I do.

    He will be the first grandchild on both sides so he's gonna be spoiled as hell.

    Side note: here's what I've been doing all week. XC skiing with the pup. Trails out the back door. Doesn't get any better than that. :)

  7. who spoiled them?
  8. I just got back from a few weeks at Palm Shores. My niece and nephew blew out my sister's credit card by ordering everything in sight at the Tiki Bar. No concept of money and the LOL part is that my sister didn't have the heart to bust them on their vacation.
  9. Ever wonder why the birthrate is falling in first world industrialized countries?

    Because having children doesn't pay. In fact, it is economically against your interest to have them, particularly if you are one of the aspiring near-elites. To pass on that social status to your children requires you to spend an exorbitant amount on schooling & other nicknacks (but mostly schooling).

    And aside from personal satisfaction, there really is no benefit to it. After all, do you expect your children to provide for you in your old age? Not if you belong to one of the upper classes - that's your responsibility, and in fact, you are probably expected to provide something to your kids upon your demise.

    This leaves the only people who are having children those who can afford them & truly want them (the minority), those who have no clue and perhaps no choice (the partial majority) or those who because of their lifestyle (read:religious) orientation believe that having children is part of their life's purpose (the other majority). Guess how that last group is going to raise their kids.

    I suspect that much of the movements of the 20's to 70's will be looked at with great curiosity by future generations who will not be able to even relate to concepts of liberal thought.
  10. "As an expecting father , I'd pay a million bucks."

    When they handed me my daughter when she was born it was like "I" hit the lotto.

    My grandson by a different daughter (dumb as a stick, daughter) was a time in my life I'd revisit in a heartbeat. She lived with us for 8-9 months with him, no clue what to do, so she sort of stepped back and watched. I was self-employed at the time and blew off work every chance I got. Take the kid in the stroller, feed him, never left my arms. She got her act together, and moved on but he is one cool red haired kid.
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