Raised fees will kill the YM

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by DonKee, Dec 28, 2007.

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    It looks like there will be no free live data for the YM and ZG from the CBOT.

    Since these vehicles are getting thinner and thinner by the day, I wonder why the CBOT/CME would want to just kill them altogether.

    I don't trade either very often, but it seems silly to raise the fee's from free to $55 when the volume is already low and the CME will be losing the ER in 7 months.?
  2. etherboy


    It's called monopoly.

    I'm the one who against ther merger between CME & CBOT.

    I just don't understand why so many people think it's a positive move.
  3. For one reason, the ECBOT is unreliable compared to globex, but on the flip side monopolies are bad for pricing.
  4. DonKee


    It's quite possible that there will be one electronic platform in the future and one fee for all of the issues that trade. ie: a combined fee that will include all of the products.

    I just don't understand why the cme would want to stymie the growth of the ym and zg rather than nurture it.
  5. rcj


    where are you getting this info??
  6. As rcj said, where are you getting your information?

    1) eCBOT products will begin trading on Globex (aka CME) beginning January 13, 2008 according to the launch schedule here... http://www.cme.com/trading/get/res/glxnewsthree.html#CBOT

    2) I spoke with IQFeed today... while they are initiating a $5 per month base-fee for IQFeed service starting 1/1/08, it has no bearing on eCBOT. YM remains free at least for now.

    3) According to Esignal Exchange Fees page, there is new pricing for eminis (CME and/or Globex). And CBOT eminis are still free. http://esignal.com/esignal/pricing/exchanges/default.asp

    4) I heard earlier today Tradestation was FORCING customers who trade YM to a $50 a month fee starting 1/1/08. Gee, Could that have anything to do with the "legacy" feed being rendered useless after 12/31/07? And maybe TradeStation didn't ante-up for the new CBOT feed thinking they could float during the transition period? Hmmmmm.

    5) Be sure to ALWAYS use Holiday periods as reference points for volume.

    Osorico :)
  7. How will this affect trading the YM through InterActive Brokers? Presently it's only $4.26 per contract round trip plus $10.00 per month for their cheapest data feed, the data feed charge is waived with $30.00 worth of commissions per month.

    Are you guys saying trading the YM is going to cost a lot more soon?
  8. rcj


    F - F,
    ??? IB has only one data feed, bro.
  9. OK...thanks. I thought I have seen different data feed pricing packages and all more expensive than the cheapo $10.00 package.
  10. rcj


    F - F,

    Say you choose the bundled rate. That give you a batch of exchange data and trading ability. However, they will charge extra for exchanges not on the bundled list.

    physically you are getting the feed with just more data in it.

    For example, IB does not offer a tic data stream for additional fee.
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