Raise Discount window rates to 5%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Time to remove cheap money for carry and proprietary trading. I think Banks and firms with the Bank license need to start loaning out money to business instead of trading it.
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    Yep, its been way to easy for them to borrow at ZERO percent interest and buy Treasury Bills and pocket the 4% interest, its literally FREE money. Tens of BILLIONS worth of free money.......Has to end sooner or later, if it doesn't this will just be another cause of a different problem going forward.
  3. Taibbi's new article in the Rolling Stone describes just that.

    It' a Dirty little secret the U.S Government doesn't want to be reported given that people are earning .50% in their money market while banks are earning 4% courtesy bailout money.
  4. .5% your ass... How about .01%. Some are negative.... CHARGING A FEE to hold in cash!