RAID Mirror and or Striping

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  1. Yup, much applause to all of you! :) :) :)
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  2. eragasa


    my personal preferences:

    don't use a RAID system unless you specifically have a RAID hardware subsystem. Software based RAID in my opinion really sucks.

    I think raid for a workstation is overkill, it is better to get one hotswap drive tray, image your system, build the image on your other hotswap drive. If your hard drive fails, just swap the drives and reboot.
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  3. Ken_DTU


    interesting thread, agree re useful tech tips, thx all. ...


    I just got a promise tx2000 fasttrack raid hardware controller w/disk bays...getting ready to install it one of these days ...

    I have 3 western digital 120 gig harddrives, so making sure the right process is:

    a) backup the main boot drive (HD 1) data to HD3 and put in a safe place just in case Before I try all of this stuff ..

    b) install/setup the raid card per its instructions, using HD1 and having it mirror over to HD2

    c) and every now and then, swap out HD3 like Arch said above, eg weekly for backing up ..

    sound ok so far?

    q: anyone know if my roxio goback software will/won't work with a h/w raid promise setup like this? or anything else I should know before I get under the hood o the pc again?

    appreciate it ..


    in other h/w news, fwiw:

    a) I found my matrox parhelia agp card Will work with a lowend nvidia pci card I got this last weekend (yay) for 4 monitors on my p4 m/b with the intel 850e chipset.. I'll get a couple more and see how many I can pack in the pci bus before it chokes.. hopefully all 6 mons..

    b) reminder from the pc guy that a virused mirror just means twice the virus fun lol, no protection against those from mirrors

    c) the intel p4 m/b still randomly reboots every now and then when I close an app simultaneously, when I have a few open, frustrating, though everything (mem/pwr) is all set up right, and 6 various antivirus/antitrojan progs find no bugs, plenty o mem..and it frequently gives 'boot drive failure' when rebooting, though all's fine with the HD and ide config. so I have to go into bios and change hard drive preboot delay to various settings to get it to 'find it' on the ide, sigh .... ideas?

    seem just this dang intel m/b... I'm not getting those (or gigabyte) anymore, sticking w/asus/tyan for future boards..

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