Rahm To Spend $7 Billion To Renew Chicago

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    Like father (Obama) like son (Rahm)

    At $250,000 per job, the project is supposed to create an estimated 30,000 job.

    Here's the problem. With a population of under 3 million, every Chicago resident will need to shell out about $2,500 for Rahms plan. Unless, of course, Uncle Obama gets us to pick up the tab.

    Chicago is embarking on a $7 billion plan to transform the city’s infrastructure from the skies above to the pipes underground.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former President Bill Clinton announced this month that part of a new plan to overhaul the city's infrastructure would be funded by the newly formed Chicago Infrastructure Trust.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is planning to announce the initiative Thursday. It includes projects to expand the city’s largest airport and improve its streets, water system, schools, community colleges, parks and commuter rail network. The city estimates that these initiatives will create 30,000 jobs over the next three years.

    At a time when the nation is only beginning to pull itself painfully and delicately out of a deep recession, and when cities and states are cutting essential services and wondering how to keep the courthouses open and the lights on, an infrastructure proposal for a single city with an estimated cost in the billions — with a “b” — is audacious. Mr. Emanuel, in an interview, suggested that nothing less than this “integrated, comprehensive approach” will do for what he calls “building a new Chicago.”

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    Watch how Rahm's personal net worth skyrockets while he is Mayor.
  3. wow , you guys complain about everything.
  4. What is really odd about this, back when cities were flush with cash, no one spent a dime on infrastructure because it wasn't sexy.

    Now they're a bunch of broke as bitches they want to spend money on improvements.
  5. 13 shot last night, 2 dead. I believe there were 40 shootings and 6 dead over the St. Pattys day weekend. Gonna' take more than money to stop the violence. The sad fact still remains, the most dangerous person a black man can run into is another young black man.

    Actually it was 49 shot and 11 killed over the St. Patty's day weekend. Other Chicago crime stat's below:

    2217 shot in 2011
    441 dead in 2011
    512 shot so far this year.
    115 dead and counting this year.
    388 stabbings this year

  6. It's sad but it's entirely a cultural thing in my opinion and no amount of exogenous spending/wealth is going to improve it.
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    Yeah 7 Billion that no one has to begin with will make some Aesthetic improvements. Not to mention make the Mayor rich.

    But putting lip stick on a pig doesn't change the pig any.
  8. Perhaps because guys like you and the ones you adopt as your pets RUIN EVERYTHING.
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    This pig is going to have lipstick from nose to tail. Governments throw around these astronomical numbers and we are getting desensitized to them.
  10. Crime has me amped up this morning. Had multiple raids this morning accross from my shop office this morning in Chicago Heights just off Halsted. Must have been 20+cops and State Troopers crashing through the doors of two homes. Happened about 7:30am.
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