Rahm Emanuel: "Fuck the UAW" Obama to GM: "Why Can't they make a corolla?"

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    LOL the ship is sinking dems....... It would be fun watching this ship go down if there wasnt so much at stake.

    I imagine this concept of the lack of corollas at GM will be debated in left wing universities for the next couple centuries, while dems furiously try to figure out equations to circumvent the basic laws of supply and demand. Apparently we need some Uber liberal geniuses to tell us why Toyota sells more product. :)

    Rahm Emanuel, former Democratic congressman and President Obama's chief of staff, gave the UAW the Gettelfinger during the GM and Chrysler rescue debate, according to former auto czar Steve Rattner's new book. This could get messy. Especially because there's more.

    Huffington Post says Rattner's book "The Overhaul" will offer some unstinting takes on Obama's inner circle during the time of the bailouts.

    Of course, this isn't the first time Emanuel's found himself in hot water over dropping an F-bomb on his political bedmates. But it's also not the only startling quote we've found in Rattner's book.

    In addition to Emanuel's expression of the usually never-stated, but readily-shared opinion by many Democratic politicians of the usually Democratic-leaning union, the other early highlights include:

    - Emanuel's spout about the UAW came during early debate on whether the administration should even try to rescue GM and Chrysler.
    — In his first post-election talk with advisors about GM and Chrysler, Obama asked "Why can't they make a Corolla?"
    — Rattner describes Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne as "one of our biggest headaches." He also describes a showdown between Marchionne and UAW President Ron Gettelfinger; when Marchionne lectured about the need for autoworkers to accept a "culture of poverty" instead of a "culture of entitlement," Gettelfinger fired back: "Why don't you come and sit with me and tell a seventy-five-year-old widow that she can't have surgery and that you killed her husband?"

  2. In his first post-election talk with advisors about GM and Chrysler, Obama asked "Why can't they make a Corolla?"

    Hmnnn... Why can't they make a Corolla?

    For starters, Job 1 is managing healthcare and pension benefits.

    Designing cars is on the bottom of the list of what an auto maker does.

    Implementing racial diverse hiring quotas, documenting workers and collecting taxes take priority.
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    LOL thx for pointing out the obvious, that was what i found so funny about obama saying this, he clearly lacks any sort of knowledge as to how business works. What i find even funnier is not his lack of business knowdlege i knew he doesnt have a clue how the real world works, what was funny was his own actual admission that he doesnt know why toyota crushes gm.

  4. I know this guy, he's a career GM employee (management), whenever they had a lay off, senior management would say you'll have to do %15 more. This got to be a joke because he was a company wide trouble shooter. You lay off more people, more problems, he really did have 15% more work. The problems extrapolated, they offered him a buy out, guess they didn't need any trouble shooters.
  5. Just remember what the Daimler CEO said at the time of the Daimler-Chrysler merger:

    "Americans only care about the paperwork, Germans care about the product."

    Of course the merger was a disaster, but they should've known not to buy american.

    Toyota needs to go back to their Japanese roots and not practice americanism. americanism is a poison.