Rahm Emanuel: Another banking criminal

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  1. Rahm Emanuel will be Obama's chief of staff. He was member on the board of directors at Freddie Mac during the time Freddie was cooking the books and knowingly gave out loans to people who could not repay them (how is this 'CHANGE'?) Make no mistake about it. This man is a criminal who has helped destroyed countless lives.

    This isn't some zionist banking conspirancy. This is hard fact.

    Greenspan, Soros, Emanuel... all love to play god.. picture getting clearer? And all have in one way or another caused great harm and suffering.

    Don't forget that Hitler was elected. As crazy as this seems to us now, there must have been a reason back in the 1930s. Don't think it can't happen again... especially in Europe.

    An ultra conservative backlash is around the corner.
  2. and the mayans tell us we only have 4 more years, so they'll prolly show up soon
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    Last I checked, the ultra-conservatives, AKA neo-cons, just got their asses kicked.

    What's needed is for the bleeding hearts to make things worse so that the extremists on the left and right get kicked out for good.

    Moderation, be it drinking or government, is the only responsible way to behave.
  4. Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal... Ultra-conservative wing of the party is dying to unleash them on to the electorate.

    Republicans tried moderate with McCain and it did not work.
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    young and intelligent people didnt like reps. Thats hard fact. And old man in 8 years are dead.
    thats hard fact too...


    no ultra conservative around the corner, at least not in USA

  6. young and intelligent people didnt like repsz'

    Your a fucking idiot. Intelligent in the sense of what? Marxist,
    socialist ideology? Intelligent in what sense? A bunch of free loaders decided to vote for someone who will "Not" come through for them?

    It is not us, Intelligent, freedom loving, Capitalist that will burn down Washington.

    It will be idiots like you and the rest of the "Free Loaders" when they come to the reality that OBAMA , ain't gona help you, no free gas, or mortgage for you.

    So go and crawl back in that "Free loading" hole you came from.
    There are plenty of scumbags like you just waiting for your hand out. Wake up, your getting nothing but a kick in the arse from the man you just elected.
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    If you want ultra conservative, move to an Islamic theocracy.

    Republican or democrat, they are all corrupt. The people you are told to support by the corporate media have no interest in helping you.
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    Soros is a putz that got lucky rolling the dice.

    Had he not almost broken the pound by gaming a flawed monetary system he'd have never written one damned book for you to fawn over.
  9. I guess by your own power and influence ranking regime, that would make you about less than an insignificant nobody...
    a true piss-ant. :D
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