RagingBull perps' assets frozen. Finally action taken, by FTC, $137 million fraud.

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  2. The irony of reporting a fraud case on OANN..
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    so fraudulent they had to change their name and drop an "N"
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    How do I get a refund from Raging Bull !! Scamsters
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    You can email Emmett for contact info on all the legal action going on against Ragingbull through the feds now. Hundreds of victims have been helped filing their cases with the feds against scams like these. Emmett also spent hundreds of thousands in defending from lawsuits from these scumbags trying to take down reviews like the Bond and Ragingbull gang reviews, also Warrior Trading's Ross Scameron who sued him twice but tradingschools won in the cases and kept the WT review and comments up. ( link )
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    Fer crying out loud...

    BOTH of these video hosts did not know what the word "bilking" means? WTF? I can understand the Russian guy, but the American dude? Too fucking young and/or unread.

    I stopped watching the American vid at the "bilking" issue.

    I stopped watching the Russian vid at the "bilking" issue, but may continue with that one. At least he is not as annoying as that other guy.
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