Raffle for a 23" Sony Flat Panel

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mgkrebs, May 29, 2004.

  1. mgkrebs


    Would anyone pay $20 for a 1 in 500 (or better) chance to win this monitor:


    The reason I ask is because I am participating in a big fund raising event called Team in Training benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. My daughter and I have a goal of $10,000. I was thinking a neat way to do this would be to offer this raffle electronically to the ET community, and anyone else who is interested via word of mouth.

    If there is an interest I will post a complete description of the program and how I would proceed with the raffle. Vote in the poll, and respond to the thread to keep it near the top of the page thru the weekend and holiday. If there is enough interest, I'll take the next step. Feel free to pm me with questions, but it will be better to post to the thread to keep it active.

    I'll supply more info later, and of course will be happy to take straight donations as well. All have a great holiday-
    Kindest Regards - Wilson

    (I'm heading out to dinner, wo I won't reply to anything for a while.)
  2. mmm


    I think you better check the laws about raffles.

    I read somewhere that one can't raffle off their house for some reason.

    Perhaps because it's related to gambling.

    -- MMM
  3. mgkrebs


    I checked, and in my location as long as it's for a charity and the prize is not cash, it's ok.
  4. mgkrebs


    Purchase tickets either by Paypal or by sending me a check.

    I enter your contact info into a spreadsheet, and at the end of the ticket sales period, I print out all the names, cut each name on to a separate piece of paper an put them into a hopper.

    For the actual drawing, I would like to have a member of ET from the Dallas Fort Worth area meet me to witness the drawing, or actually pull the name out of the hopper, verify that everything is on the up and up. There could also be beer.

    I then place the order and have the monitor shipped directly to the winner.

    The contingency here is that there are enough tickets sold to cover the cost of the item plus some gravy (hopefully alot) for the charity.

    As for trustworthiness, I have done a fair amount of business on EBAY and invite anyone to check my feedback there under the same handle that I use here.
  5. mgkrebs