Raedy to Pull the Trigger TOS & TD

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    I've been reviewing the broker comments and needed one for the IRA and one to day trade.. I loaded TD Ameritrade with the 401K last week, seemed to have plenty of tools and research at the fundamental level. Will use with QT and/ or Ninja Trader.. If I can figure it out..
    I ran two back test strategies (identical) with Ninja and Strategy Desk with two completely different outcomes. Ninja showed a loss TD was a gain..I obviously have something set up wrong.

    The real question is TOS a good broker to day trade equities? I'm not into the options arena at this point in time. I've been using their paper money for the last few months and I do like the platform, made both good and bad trades, kept losses at a minimum.. I'm ahead on paper anyway.

    Things I like:
    Thinkdesk Platform
    Charts + Prophet + TA
    Free level II
    Good trade executions at the premium level (especially when bailing out of a fast moving loss)

    Although it’s geared for the options trader, does it work just as well with trading stocks or is there a better platform that is cheaper overall?

    I funding my in a couple of days, so any Support or Resistance comments are greatly welcomed. I haven’t been in the active market since the 80’s and back then I used ML..
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    Didn't see any comments For or Against… thought some one would try to convince me to go with IB or another direct access broker…
    Anyway, funded, off and running with TOS as the active trading account.

    TD did have a problem Friday, I was buying out of strategy desk and had to trade on line… cost me a point by the time I got in,… Turns out they had a new update going on and forgot to tell me (and probably a few others), they should have sent out an email notice about the software change.

    TOS is adding some newer features but they at least are giving everyone a heads up and some training on the upgrades….

    With a little luck I can change this “hobby” into a “career”….
  3. For the time I was with them, TOS was wonderful.
    I'd recommend TOS to anyone trading Options, not sure about Futures. In my neck of the woods they lagged a bit, and the comish is a bit high.
    If their data was really fast and they dropped their comish I'd gladly go back.