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  1. anyone know any radio stations in ny that have all market news like cnbc???? i think bloomberg has a station?
  2. Try this...its old info I have...not sure if its still on radio in should be especially with the mayor being Bloomberg himself :cool:

    "Radio AM1130 can be heard throughout the New York City metropolitan."

    You can also listen to them live on the internet but I took your question as if you were looking for an AM station to listen to bloomberg and not via the computer...

    just in case you meant via the internet:

  3. nitro


    I have an XM radio - I can listen to CNBC or Bloomberg on them.

    Now I just need one of those Internet phones...

  4. how much is an xm radio???
  5. gaj


    in nyc...

    WCBS - all news - 880
    WINS - all news - 1010?
    bloomberg - 1130ish.

    the first two were as of 2 years ago; bloomberg is still there, too, i believe.
  6. nitro