Radio DJ makes sexual/racial remarks about rivals wife/ 4 yr old daughter

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  1. NEW YORK (AP) -- The co-host of a syndicated morning radio show was fired Wednesday for making racial and sexual remarks on the air about a rival's wife and 4-year-old daughter.

    Troi Torain, known as Star on the "Star & Buc Wild Morning Show" on Power 105 FM, lost his job after protests by a City Council member and other elected officials.

    His remarks about DJ Envy, a DJ for rival hip-hop station Hot 97, and his family included "I will come for your kids" and a desire to "do an R. Kelly ... on your little baby girl."

    Videotapes in 2002 showed a man resembling singer R. Kelly having sex with someone who appeared to be an underage girl, then urinating on her.

    Torain's comments, made between May 3 and Monday, also included an offer of $500 to any listener who could provide information about the rival DJ's daughter's school, and used racial slurs when talking about his wife, who is part Asian.

    (This is disgusting. Anyone who would even joke about such a subject should be excused from life itself.)
  2. Wow, sounds very familiar.

    Does Zzzzz moonlight as a Radio DJ in New York under the alias "Star"?