Radical left is pissed

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  1. Obama is a O-Bummer for the kook squad. He played them for the fools that they are and now their panty's are all in a bunch.
    The story:
    Congressional Democrats are firing a surprising number of unexpectedly sharp brushback pitches at President-elect Barack Obama and his staff over policy plans and personnel picks, making him look embattled during what was to be a triumphant debut week in Washington.

    • Obama ended his troubled search for CIA director by naming Leon Panetta. The immediate response: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) fired off a statement of disapproval, giving a negative tilt to most coverage of the pick.

    • Obama floated his plan to name TV star Dr. Sanjay Gupta as surgeon general. House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers didn’t even wait for the official announcement before leading a public campaign to kill the nomination. Gupta "lacks the relevant experience," Conyers wrote to colleagues.

    • As Obama makes plans to roll out a sweeping economic plan, Majority Leader Harry Reid gave interviews with Politico and The Hill newspaper and made clear he won't take marching orders from Obama. "I don't work for" Obama, he told us.

    Even before Obama’s plan was formally unveiled, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made plain her displeasure with parts of Obama’s emerging fiscal plan, which she believes does not move fast enough to raise taxes. “I couldn't be more clear,” she said Thursday at her weekly news conference. “Put me down as one in favor of repeal [of the Bush tax cuts] as soon as possible.”

    • Finally, once the package was unveiled, Obama's adviser got a frosty response to some provisions from Senate Democrats, who were kind enough to go public with their concerns. “I just don’t think it works. I don’t think that’s going to give much lift to the economy, as well-intended as it is,” Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, told Politico's David Rogers.

    How's it feel to be chumped...AGAIN?
  2. Two sentences in, and already two spelling/grammatical errors: the mark of a true ET Republican. You are a truly free American who refuses to be shackled by the socialist confines of proper grammatical expression.
  3. Why would they be pissed?

    Obama ran as a centrist and was elected by a big margin of Americans.

    And now he's telling the world he's preparing to act as a centrist.

    You are obtuse and blinded because your benchmark (W) radicalized your paradigm.
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    You go Dawg!

    TWO, count them, TWO spelling/grammatical errors!


    Now if only the socialists had something to offer... besides proper grammatical expression that is, you'd be all set.
  5. I understand why they are pissed. Imagine if the president of the last 8 years was not Bush but rather a far left liberal president.

    Lets say this far left president similar to Bush enacted very bias policies towards his own political agenda. These policies for example could be high capital gains taxes, legal abortion in all cases and a weak military with the threat of terror attacks growing.

    Now imagine after these 8 years of liberal rule a conservative is actually elected. Upon being elected the conservative says he believes the capital gains taxes are at the right %, abortion doesn't need changing and the terrorists are just guys with guns and pose no real threat.

    This is how pissed the far left is with Obama's unwillingness to change the policies of the past.
  6. You are 100% correct.

    All during Obama's campaign I told people to put the fear-mongering BS coming from the conservative right, away because Obama was going to be a "Centrist". Low and behold, that is exactly who he is showing himself to be.

    Not a shocker to those that actually think for themselves, instead of listening to all of the hard line political rhetoric.

    His primary concern will be preventing the Economy from completely falling apart. Some people in his own Party ( like Pelosi and Conrad ) will disagree on just how to go about that.

    No big surprise there.
  7. Harry Reid spends too much time reading his own press clippings and thinking that he walks on water . . . His comment was rather obtuse, especially given the fact that Barack Obama hasn't even been sworn in yet.

    And I think that you have conveniently forgotten that Reid is NOT the typical Democrat, having opposed abortion rights and supported gun rights.

    That having been said, there is no doubt he has the toughest job on Capitol Hill. He needs the blessing of 60 senators to do virtually anything of substance. Senators have expansive egos and often narrow interests. It's a devastating combination.

    “When the president makes a decision, he has the entire government to let loose,” Minority Whip Trent Lott said. “When the speaker makes a decision, she has got a Rules Committee that enforces it. When a majority leader makes a decision, congratulations,” Lott said — meaning the leader is now at the mercy of 99 others.

    That's Harry Reid's reality.
  8. • Majority Leader Harry Reid .... and made clear he won't take marching orders from Obama. "I don't work for" Obama, he told us.

    I knew it, just knew it. I'm surprised Pelosi is so subdued but I'm sure she shares the same views as Reid.

    This administration is going to make the UN look like a well run organization.

    Obama has to hire or appoint political capital. He has none.
  9. If Republicans are pointing to Pelosi's statements as credible evidence that Obama is seen as less-than-Godlike among Democrats, it's fuckin' hilarious.

    Republicans basically characterize Pelosi as a total moron. I can't count the number of times they've ridiculed her suggestions on fiscal policy and her general knowledge re: financial matters (and there's probabably a lot of truth in what they say, given what she had to say abotu the Big 3 automakers). However, now that she's voicing those same opinions about Obama's plan, she's suddenly John Kenneth Galbraith.

    If Pelosi is such an idiot, aren't her statements about Obama's fiscal plans actually evidence that he's on the right track?
  10. Agreed 100%
    Ding, Ding, Ding!!!
    We have a WINNER.
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