Radical Left handing votes to Mac

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  1. Every time some fool like Oberman knit picks at a mis-spoken word or phrase, like he did tonight with the Palin works with her nose phrase, independents slide to the McCain column. Every time the stooges from code pink try to interrupt a speech, as that stupid, pathetic cow did tonight, more independents go for Mac. Every time you god damn fools over play your hand Mac goes up in the polls. You've made what should have been a sure thing a toss up. Congrats...morons!
  2. Those people are disrespectful and I'm glad they were tossed.

    Sneaking in to the GOP's private convention was lowly, too.

    I don't remember a single incident like that when Obama spoke.

    They're the fringe, though.

    I had a friend in England tell me that what we're not seeing here, and what they're showing in Europe, is people in hoods and burning crosses standing outside of the Democratic Convention, and no, I'm not lying.
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    How do you know that "Code Pink" person wasn't a Republican agent? Certainly at least half those PUMA assholes in Denver were Republicans, pushing the myth that there were millions of Hillary supporters who'd rather vote McCain than Obama. Dirty tricks from your side are as old as Nixon, get a clue.
  4. 'Republican agent"? LOL! You really are one dumb bastard. But thanks for the laugh.
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    You're the dumb bastard, no thinking person would put anything past the party of Nixon.

    "Agents provocateurs are also used against political opponents. Here, it has been documented that provocateurs deliberately carry out or seek to incite counter-productive or ineffective acts, in order to foster public disdain for the group and provide a pretext for aggression against the group; and to worsen the punishments its members are liable for (see Red-baiting)"

  6. kut2k2: Was 9/11 planned and executed by members of the Bush Administration, if not Bush himself?
  7. This is so twisted, you guys are pathetic. Your logic only makes sense because Code Pink does exist.

    If you want to make sure the dirty Republicans don't "trick" us folks then don't have groups like Code Pink around.

    With logic like yours your paranoia will never go away.
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    Given that it happened on his watch, despite plenty of warnings, who knows the full extent of their involvement? Just sitting on their hands is damning enough. And it certainly helped the neocon pre-9/11 agenda of invading Iraq.
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    That's what provocation is all about, take an existing group and incite it or imitate it to commit hateful acts. Duh.

    This is a free country. I know you really hate that deep down, that you just can't go around and dictate to everybody, but this is a free country.

    I'm not saying that wasn't a real Code Pink nutjob disrupting your convention, I'm saying there's no way to know for sure, given your own party's reputation for obnoxious behavior.

    You're a bunch of sheep being led by a group of sociopaths. Anything is possible with you headcases.
  10. Uh-oh. I just saw something that disturbs me about voting for McCain.

    Context: Ron Paul - Republican Congressman, was given a pass to the RNC but only under very tight restrictions. He had to pick it up at the door, couldn't have any guests, and had to return it when he left. So he declined to attend.

    Disturbing item: Ralph Reed was interviewed by BBC. He stated that he was on the floor of the RNC watching Palin's speech. Ralph Reed is someone Jack Abramoff described in his own e-mail to another corrupt lobbyist as "a bad version of us."


    "WASHINGTON - Broken and disgraced, lobbyist Jack Abramoff will spend four years in prison for his role in a corruption scandal that upended Washington politics and contributed to the Republicans' loss of Congress in 2006."

    A BAD VERSION OF US!! This from a convicted felon!

    Letting guys like that back near/in the White House is a no-no.

    Now Dems have their share of money-grubbing, freezer-box politicos too, but the Abramoff scandal was a real biggie and it's net was pretty wide. The other players are still out there - and Reed is strutting on the RNC floor!

    Not good.
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