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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nitro, Sep 22, 2002.

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    I really don't want to get too involved with this one but IB's fees include SEC fees, exchange fees, ECN fees, etc. In particular, as one does more size, the SEC fees really add up. IB is eating them. The firm also doesn't charge for half the things other firms charge for (bank wires, option exercise/assignment, order cancellations, software, DVP, ACATS, etc). There also is a huge cost to maintain the global networks and infrastructure. Not to mention personnel, insurance, R&D. The speed of the TMBR route alone is probably worth the commission.

    With that said, I believe the IB deal is competitive with anything out there and I don't see rebates in the picture any time soon.
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  2. Removing the P/L wouldn't be a solution in and of itself, however it could most certainly be a useful method in helping change the way one views profit/loss swings. (which is ultimately what needs to happen if lasting change is desired.)

    In my case, i don't look at P/L during the trading day, only after market is closed. I do keep track of how my closed trades of the day are stacking up, and knowing the "numbers" of my trading style i can usually know how much i'm up or down at any time just by glancing at this.
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    I keep track of my overall P/L on a spreadsheet. I often look at it during the day, but then I don't have it open all the time.
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    Can't all that be handled with 3/4 of a penny per share for 0-500, and 1/2 per share for >500?

    What is interesting def is that the comission schedule goes down in size, yet the SEC fees get bigger.

    Somewhere in that .01c, there is a 1/4 of a cent more that can be lowered for the first 500 shares...

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