Radiation Detectors, Cat Poo, and you.

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    I like that last quote about "choosing" to not use public transportation to avoid the "inconvenience".

    And on the lighter side....

  2. This just begs the question of precisely how much radioactive crap to they put into people and animals? Geesh.
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    For many cancers, chemo works really well. (saves/extends lives)
    Granted, there will be better solutions in the future, but I wouldn't label it a bad thing.

    We get radiation from all kinds of strange places, which when you add it up over the span of years probably equals a chemo treatment.

    You get irradiated when you fly on an airplane, less when you're standing outside.
    Most soil is radioactive, some places more than others. We often ingest small amounts of radioactive material in our food.
    55% of all radiation exposure comes from radon, which is everywhere due to radioactive elements in the soil.
    11% comes from your own body in the form of potassium-40, uranium and thorium.
  4. Speaking of radiation, ask the former Dr. Louis Slotin about "tickling the dragon's tail."

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    You have such a catchy title, you hooked me.
    Now I know not to throw radioactive poop in the garbage.
    Thank you for the heads up:D