Radianz to Speed up Execution

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  1. Is anyone familiar with using Radianz to reduce the time it takes for the order to get to the broker's server?

    Strategy Runner uses Radianz. A guy from TradeBolt told me that it was possible to pay over a thousand dollars a month to trade through Radianz.

    If this is possible, can a trader in the UK use Radianz to send orders faster from the UK to the broker in the US?

    Right now his MT4 ping times (when a "Scan" is performed on MT4) are around 400 ms (almost four times what we experience from our office in Miami, FL).

    Is anyone familiar with this?


  2. Go to the Radianz web site - it says who their partners are.

    I am looking at getting it in - initially for Reuters but also some dealing lines.

    However those ping times seem very slow. Using my internet line - which I admit is fast - I ping the states and back from the UK in an average of 70ms.
  3. Hi Lon Eagle,

    The broker we work with for this particular set up is not a Radianz partner. I have been told by a few "experts" that Radianz is not really going to help me. Maybe there are other technologies out there that might help. I'm looking right now.

    I agree that the round trip 400 ms ping time sounds huge. I think that the problem might be due to the fact that the UK trader lives in an extremely rural area (East Sussex) and his broadband quality might not be that great. Maybe there's a different more expensive internet service at his end that might resolve this whole issue. What do you think?

    What internet line and service do you use?

    What part of the UK are you in?

    The broker that we're using is in the US West Coast.

  4. squeeze


    Yes you can get a Radianz connection in the UK.

    Cost £1K+ per month for London and probably more like double this if you are any distance outside London.

    Latency and reliability will be pretty much as good as you can get at the moment.
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    Would you be able to explain how to run such ping test? I am particularly interested in getting data for NYSE servers.
  6. danger, how are things in Mia. Have you looked into a Sat service, back in the bad old days, a lot of traders here in the US had to use Sat because there was just no other broadband in their area, the drawback was the weather.

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  7. The absolute minimum theoretical ping time using even two-way satellite broadband is 478 ms, so that wouldn't help. (Divide the minimum distance to a geostationary orbit comsat, ~35,800 km, by the speed of light, 299,792 km/s, and multiply by 4 to get the minimum round-trip ping between any two points on Earth.)

    In the real world, satellite ping is going to be lots more than that lower bound, due to greater distance (unless the comsat is directly overhead), processing time, latency issues, etc.
  8. Just google "ping". For example:


    Under Windows, you may run it from a Command prompt or use a third-party app. As mentioned above, MT4 has one built in.
  9. Viper, things are great in Miami. Started getting a bit cool. Nice!

    Where my trader is located, there is DSL available - as well as ISDN, but they have to bring it from the nearest village - which is around 2 miles away.

    I am still waiting for Lon Eagle to let me know,

    * What part of the UK does he live in and,
    * What type of line and internet service he's using?

    My trader is also in the UK.

    late apex, I agree with the delays from satellite service - but some traders have suggested ISDN. I don't know how fast ISDN will be from the UK to the US. What do you think about the ping times and if ISDN will provide enough bandwidth to run MT4 and possible other platforms simultaneously from the same PC?

  10. Sorry, telecom is really not my area of expertise. (As the saying goes, I know just enough to be dangerous.)

    Maybe your trader could look for some high-level online gamers in his area and find out exactly what service they use... The lowest possible ping times are life-and-death to gamers.
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