Radianz or Savvis

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by polee2000, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I am based in Taiwan and the speed is killing me(ate up 1/3 of the profit)
    I have an account with IB and am interested in using extra net with Radianz or savvis.
    is anyone using either company's service ? if so can you tell me more about it (fees, performance etc)
  2. radianz, a couple thousand (US)$/mth for Tokyo - NY line... speed no better than what i get on broadband (ping test basis)... not worth the money imo... dont know about savvis...
  3. I am interested running application from their server.
    I am getting 400~500ms when I pin IB us server.
    what is the ping time in US ? I had never done it in US since I had never experienced such ugly execution prices like 2~3 ticks of my target entry/exit price.
    are there other ways to do it besides using these 2 ?
    any remote ATS server hosting info welcome
    thank you
  4. First of all, I have zero knowledge about IB, so any information I have might not be applicable. Savvis do provide data center hosting services in Chicago and New York, I host my servers in both Chicago and New York. It is not too bad, about $1500-$2k for a single server setup, and connect directly to the raw exchange feeds. Or, alternatively, you can go with someone like a data center provider, and then drop lines (say $1000 for a pair of T1s) there.

    As much as I like Radianz (I was on their customer advisory board for a while), they are not useful if you are trying to cut down latency, they are great for consolidating the feed network connectivity (they will just drop a pair of DS3es, and then channelize from there).

    If you want to connect to IB only, why don't you ask IB as to where their data center is, who they use for network connectivity (if they accept something like a Yipes connection, so much the easier), and then select a closest data center / network provider to them (minimize hops, etc)?

    Just my $0.02.
  5. You should be connecting to their hong kong server. Contact IB and ask them about it.