Radeon VE card plus pci card?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bundlemaker, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. I have a Radeon VE card with two monitors hooked up to it. I'm running the Hydravision software that came with it from ATI. Does anybody know from experience if I add a pci card for a third monitor if the Hydravision software will still work, ie. can I expand a single application across all three monitors? Thanks for any comments.
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    i have three monitors on one computer with win2000, use appian agp card that has ati chipset with two monitors, then third monitor in pci slot with a nvidia chip (i was told that this way they won't compete). then set up win2000 for dual monitor and dragged across three screens (win2000 thinks its only two screens). everything works fine.
  3. I have one computer with a matrox dualhead. I tried to add a pci card, but matrox software not compatible. It was not working:mad: !

    But maybe you' ll have more luck with ATI.
    Check the microsoft onlinehelp. When I went there to try to see what was not working with that pci card, it was the only place I found really good information on that matter (they have a listing of all compatibilities).
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    I have an ATI Radeon 8500 dual head AGP and a Nvidia single head GeForce4 MX 420 PCI card in my main machine. So far I have not had any problems, though I only recently added the PCI card. I'm running XP Pro and all three monitors appear in the display properties.
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    I have the Radeon VE card (AGP) and an nVidia card (PCI) with 3 monitors. No problem. The ATI software doesn't know about the nVidia drivers or the third monitor. Nor does it care. Running Win2000, dragging across three monitors not a problem (as miskie said, Win2000 thinks you have two monitors).
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    Tempula i'm running matrox dual (agp) and a Nvida(pci) in win2000pro (s3virge pci works as well)
    I had to go into bios and change pci to primary otherwise it would be 3 blank screens...sound familiar?
    Once i changed that it all works fine except for restarts, it has to be shutdown then restarted as opposed to just restart.
    If anyone has a fix for that issue i'd like to hear it.
  7. Tuan, I wish you told someone told me this 16 month ago! As I was willing to have 3 screens, I just bought another computer to have the third screen (two for TS, one for broker).

    But thanks anyway! (when I think those guys from MSFT were stating on their website it was not possible to run a pci card with a matrox dualhead...)
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    Hi there,

    I have an ATI AGP duel and two ATI PCI cards and run four monitors. Runs great with no problems using XP.