Radeon 7500 Problems

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  1. Need some help with ATI Radeon 7500 AGP card? This card is in a 1.2 gig Athlon with 512 ram on a M810 LR board, SiS 730 chipset, American Megatrends 03/08/01 Bios. I have in stalled the latest driver from the ATI web site (9016) and the same for the SiS730 (AGP driver). The system is very unstable, screen goes black or programs lock up. Was very stable before installing cards. All this happens using a single monitor only. Currently set up at 1024-768 120hz both monitors set as optimal or default. Monitors are Sony G500 21in and Dell P1110 21in. Hardware Acceleration is set to full. Also checked and cleaned devices in safe mode, only one display adapter and the 2 monitors, also cannot find any conflicts. Any help towards this problem would be very much appreciated.

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    Problems like these are many times bad memory, or incompatible memory.

    I have a SuperMicro P4DCE+ motherboard. On their website, they show what memory is compatible with the motherboard. One of those was Kingston. So I bought the Kingston.

    The machine had intermittent problem, from getting a blue screen _WHILE_ installing the OS, to (once got OS installed) locking up during logon to Win2K.

    I called them and they said that they had seen _THAT_ problem. They recommended the Kingston, but now it had to be the Samsung version of their RAMBUS chips. Not even a hitch since the new memory chips.

  3. Nitro.

    Thanks for the reply.. I think the memory is Micron?. 2*256.. I've tried to do several checks on it (Norton can not check 512 or greater). Ran check at start up and seams ok or system pass. Also forgot to mention running 32 bit color. I've adjusted these settings from the default 480-? 256 color 160 hz to 1024-768 32 bit. The software set refresh rate 120 or optimal. Maybe this is a bit much for system.. Previous on board graphs was 1024-768 32bit 85hz.. Thinking of lowering the refresh rate to 85 or 90,not sure what else to do. ATI tech support not sure what it is also or they don't know. I've told them the settings and they didn't say anything about this being a problem or not. They say card is compatible with my system. One thing I haven't done yet is update the bios.. not sure if I have to either. One thing I did see come up on the screen was an error that said "Not enough memory to enable 2nd monitor please adjust ????, it quit before I could read it all.. It was either Resolution or color or both.. Only seen this message once. Anyways I'll keep working on it. Thanks again for the help..
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    I am not a computer expert , but lower your refresh rate from 120 to 75 -80 . as two 21in monitors work a single card hard. You may have to experiment by taking the computer case off and see if its a video card cooling problem , extra cooling may be needed
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    These checkers aren't going to tell you if the memory is incompatible with the motherboard, or even if they are bad in a different way than the software's check for.

    straven's recommendations above are good!

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    Had similar problems using Windows 98 , until I went to Windows 2000 pro, which alleviated most of the problems. The way I could get it to work was to lower all the settings:

    If it works with the lower settings, then work back up until it doesn't. Start with lower refresh rate of 60 or 75 HRZ, lower colors to 256, lower acceleration to lowest level.

    Good luck.
  7. Thanks to everyone for there replies.. Did forgot to mention using Win 98SE.. had same idea about win 2000. Cards have fans on them,, will remove cover and check all the fans, I understand Athlons do not like heat that much.. Nitro,, I'll do more research on the memory, find out what's compatible.. Should there be any problem with the cards DDR ram vs system SDRAM?? I'll also de-tune the refresh rate,, besides I can't tell the difference between 120hz & 85hz