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  1. I just bought this card for my 4-yr old dell w/21" trinitron monitor, at first the settings were stuck on 60mhz refresh rate but I changed the monitor type and changed it to 75mhz. However, the screen doesn't seem to change and still flickers as if 60mhz. Any tips out there?
  2. This is a major quirk of ATI based cards' driver. This is one of the reason for my dislikings towards ATI cards/drivers. If you are changing refresh rate through Windows desktop properties then it will not work. There is another refresh rate settings under ATI card driver's advanced settings. You have to change in both places (Windows refresh rate settings and ATI driver's refresh rate settings under advanced settings) to get your new refresh rate take place.
  3. I dloaded latest drivers, but I still can't seem to change the refresh rate under MONITOR tab, I can adjust it under the ADAPTER tab but under monitor it still shows 60mhz.
  4. I don't use ATI card. So, I can't exactly tell you where exactly you can find the option. But look around the monitor tab, there will be another tab for "ATI Display" or something like this. Under that tab you'll find another option for monitor (probably under "Displays" option/tab). Click on that where you can set resolution and refresh rate for your card. You have to set both monitor options same - one on that page and another what you've already done on regular Windows Monitor tab.
  5. Thanks for the advice all, but I think I'm just going to exchange the card for an Nvidia that's comparable, someone at customer service told me that it might be the old nvidia drivers that are conflicting with the ATI driver. In any case, I'm just gonna take the easy way out.
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    I had this problem with an Eizo monitor..

    I also use ATI powered graphic cards, but they work great for me..

    it turns out that the monitor cable was an old type, that didn't send ..... signals (can't remember the technical expression).

    I just thought the color looked old, and changed it, and voila!
  7. I just installed a new GeForce 440 and everything looks fine, no muss, no fuss.