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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by islandace, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Is there a stand alone alternative to TradeStation's Radarscreen that is capable of displaying technical indicators in a spreadsheet/tabular format like RadarScreen, where you can have multiple time frames/technical indicators with alerts shown for each stock, displayed numerically instead of graphically?
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    I think I saw somthing like radarscreen at the neoticker site.
  4. NeoTicker can do what you wanted to do.

    You can type in any quote formulas across multiple time frames in the quote windows, dynamic tables, etc.

    You can find tutorials and examples in our blog site under the category Formula 101.

    This feature is most useful when you use that with a powerful data feed that can handle a lot of symbols.


    - with RealTick you can track virtually unlimited # of symbols
    - with eSignal you can track up to their max symbol limit (upto 2000)

    An interesting new addition is DTN.IQ that can handle upto 1000 symbols, and IQFeed that can handle upto 500 if the highest resolution you are tracking is 1 minute interval.