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  1. riccja


    Presently I am using tradestation. I have been day trading the eminis so there data and platform have been free with 10 round turns a month

    I use radarscreen as a filter for my stock trades using rsi 2 and cci 14.

    Is there software out there that is reasonably priced where I can have my stock symbols set up in a portfolio that shows the values of various indicators similar to radarscreen?


  2. Telechart or stockfinder by Worden. It does that and a lot more for US stocks and funds only.
  3. maxpi


    Do any of those Worden products work in realtime with self programmed indicators?

    I see one that mentions indicators can be programmed with VB.net but it seems to be oriented towards data downloads and all work done offline...

    I've been on the quest to find something that matches Radarscreen, and really, I can't find anything that even matches the one in TS2ki let alone the current one... Neoticker has a grid application but they don't recommend running it with a huge amount of symbols... the one with Multicharts might be great but I don't like where they are going with their DRM policy..
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    you could look into NinjaTrader's MarketAnalyzer for this, from what I've read so far it'll get a nice revamp for the next version.
  5. riccja


    Warden is 100 a month for the software and data.

    Ninja trader has a very tough way of importing stocks into the market analyzer.

    you have to do it one by one....unworkable since I have over 100 in my radar screen

  6. maxpi


    Populating the database was [is] the biggest bottleneck in the TS2ki Radarscreen, they had to be entered one by one and other info had to be entered.. I used a macro program to go down a list in excel and put them into the Global Server.. but once it was all set up it was fast, could handle thousands of instruments with DTN Satellite, some said they maintained an unreal number of issues that way.. I'm on the verge of resurrecting TS2k actually [I hope I never tossed the discs]... I just can't find anything better currently, well TS8 is a lot better in some ways but I don't have an account with TS...

    Excel just doesn't seem to work in the capacity of a Radarscreen, if it does I'd like to hear more about it...
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    Actually, you can import a list of stocks into an Instrument List and then just select this list in the Market Analyzer.
  8. mokwit


    Maxpi/anyone, can you elabrate on this "but I don't like where they are going with their DRM policy"

    I am also thinking of making the switch to multicharts as I am unable to overcome 2 shortcomings of TS2k

    1) You cannot write a code solution to have a realtime alert alert only once. Global variable solutions such as Alertonce top out at a few hundred symbols alerts and then stop alerting once ( - is hypertraders order automation software a solution?).

    2) If ther is a way of sorting alerts in TS2k Radarscreen by time I have not found it - there needs to be a function 'alerttime' maybe this is codeable.

    If anyone has solutions to the above I am all ears as they are major handicaps preventing me doing what I want. Neoticker has a lower installed base and so less resources and less code examples out there and also does not seem to connect with any data source that has a symbol limit above a couple of thousand or so.

    Would like to know of data vendors who allow Thousands of symbols from exchanges worldwide - retail or institutional. BBG is too expensive and the contract too long. S&P Comstock apparently does not have backfill. Metastock Quotestation has symbol limit of 1000, eSignal data was corrupt for Asian markets whern I had it but I think has high symbol limit if you are prepared to pay (be prepared to pay for every little thing with this vendoe). Believe it or not if you can stand a 15 minute delay Yahoo is the best deal out there but being http based basically updates at web loading speed per symbol so retail bandwidths mean lost data. Tenfore covers many mrkets and thus could be a good solution, especially if you are in its satelite coverage area.
  9. riccja


    I didnt see that option on Ninja..but just downloaded it today to take a look at it.

    Also didnt see where you could add technical analysis to the Market analyzer.

    At 50.00 a month its about the same as tradestation without the 10 round turns.

    Is there a web based solution for all of this where you can put the symbols into a portfolio that gives real time technical analysis?


  10. maxpi


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