Radar Detectors

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by balda, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. balda


    Just got myself an Escort9500I. this is my first RD, I'll let you know if I like it.
  2. It's no V1. :D
  3. balda


    I heard that V1 never shuts up kinda like a woman, so you'd never know when to listen.

    V1 is $400
    Escort is $450

    I could easily afford V1.

    I will try both and let you know.
  4. I tried both and returned the 9500i. Nothing beats the arrows.
  5. Where did you see the V1 for $400?
  6. LT701


    i've got nothing against radar detectors, i own one from a period where i travelled a lot on business

    but the best defense is a keen sense of all traffic laws. speed limits are far more reasonable than they used to be

    in a group of traffic, you're unlikely to get singled out. all alone, you can get 'instant onned', even with a detector

    i lapsed my license accidently, and had to take a (written) test because it was a few months out of date. i studied carefully because no way did i want to risk failing. it really refrshed the fine points

    watch speed limits, and keep speed at limit plus 5, you dont need a detector
  7. Ahh, strange. I saw it listed for $500 somewhere. I am hearing the V1 is far too sensitive to false-signals. Bought the Escort 9500 today.
  8. balda


    I agree with you but for a long trips to Las Vegas or Mammoth Lakes it should help. I try to keep my speed at 90.
  9. opm8


    The V1 is awesome. Got mine about 5 yrs ago and it's saved my ass many a time. Those arrows and the very filtered sensitivity are totally worth the price, whatever it is today.

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