RAD (Rite Aid)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ET70424, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. ET70424


    Hi, All:

    RAD looks interesting for short-term trading at least, on the long side, IMHO.

    Right now it is selling around $2.90

    No guarantees, of course. But the risk seems low and reasonable at this level.

    Just trying to share some potentially profitable ideas and hopefully making some friends in the process.

  2. ET70424


    Another potential long candidate is LDK.

    Right now it is facing some resistance at $50 and correcting a bit, having bottomed earlier this morning at $43.89.

    Near term, I don't expect that support at $43 level to be broken.

    So any correction should end [well] above today's early morning intra-day low of $43.89.

    As for upside, I expect the $50 resistance to be broken very soon on further upside attempts.

    Again, no guarantees, of course. Just want to share some potentially profitable ideas.

    P.S.: Last trade $47.86 The Dec. 07 45 and 50 calls moved many folds from their early morning [intra-day] lows.
  3. ET70424


    Closed out LDK at $51.75 earlier.

    Stock closed at $47.52, and appears to find some support as it approaches $47

    Should support be found and held, a re-test of the $51.5-$52 resistance area can be expected in the near future, though a break above that resistance zone is rather unlikely on such re-test.