RAD back to levels not seen in 40 years

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nitro, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. nitro


    RAD at $1.00.

    Is is a takeover candidate from WAG or CVS? Is it worth a try at these prices?


    NOTE WELL: I am long RAD from $1.00. It is a lottery ticket.
  2. At least your losses will last longer than the lottery result:D
  3. piezoe


    There are so many opportunities now it just sort a blows your mind!
  4. It's loaded up with debt, yet it has little tangible assets. The assets that they do have produce losses.

    We'll see these guys in chapter 11 real soon. Not suprising to see that it's trading at the price of an option.
  5. nitro


    It is trading below book value:


    Tha analysts are split:


    These are horrible numbers:


    The one bad part is that there isn't a huge % of float short, which means no fuel to rally a short squeeze.

    How many people are getting their needs from WMT? CVS and WAG are both also getting wacked:


  6. nitro


    Up +27%. But that is not why I am in this trade. I think it could easily go to $3, and then be bought out for $7.

    Note that RAD is moving almost 1:1 with ES (SP mini future). That doesn't bode well for it in the short term, but this is a trade we hold unless the company gets in big trouble. If it decouples from ES, it probaly skyrockets to $2 in no time, or implodes.

    Hold with patience, but watch price action closely.