RACK, bullish for 1 day

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    The company said it expects full-year earnings between 98 cents to $1.02 per share, excluding items, on revenue between $345 million to $355 million. Wall Street projects 96 cents per share on $345.1 million in revenue.

    Very bullish.
  2. hmmm, -$11.50 is very bullish?
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    from its current level.
    read the earnings and hear the reason why it dropped 33%. it looks very positive. it beats this Q, and the full year. Only will miss the next Q. Shorts are coming due to the effects of AMZN and BIDU. shorts will think recent bearish earnings will lead the stock down whole day, but if you look carefully into RACK. Market leader with bullish trend. Slow down already factored in stock price.. Should be very profit trade for short term.
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    FMR CORP 3/31/2006 2,762,044 2,762,044 New $96,423

    WELLS FARGO & CO/MN 3/31/2006 1,218,980 653,285 115.48% $42,555

    DELAWARE MANAGEMENT ... 3/31/2006 1,217,600 888,900 270.43% $42,506

    AMERICAN CENTURY COM... 3/31/2006 1,035,558 - - $36,151

    PHINITY CAPITAL LLC 3/31/2006 1,000,000 400,000 66.67% $34,910

    every big investor is adding shares
  5. dont you think there is a reason that a stock loses 1/3 of its value overnight? I dont know anything about this stock whatsoever, but it seems to me that the overwhelming selling pressure implies an underlying weakness.

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    they are over reacting. you can listen to their CC yourself. most traders only follow the market, but i am looking for an intra day reveral today.

    to put a price target. it is very possible to close around $30. although it is a long shot, but very possible if you see their 10Q and hear the CC.
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    first bounce for today now. 22.4 and 23.4 were the majob price level set premarket. if they broke 22.4 or 23.4, the next will be 25+.
    very professional management. i know their product and reputation. they are in my business field.
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  9. My bet is Reardon Metals is all over this, and I don't mean long.
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    possible. i have not seen a confirmed signal to long it yet.
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